Limeade Native iPhone App


Limeade is a corporate wellness technology company that builds a SaaS platform designed to improve well-being by inspiring happier, healthier and more productive employees (more at

Companies seeking to drive employee engagement and improve their culture will use the Limeade platform to create white-labeled wellness programs with incentives, language and activities tailored to their unique needs.


The Limeade native app team saw an opportunity to do something bigger than just port functionality from web to iOS. On the web, we saw users logging in every week and backtracking their activity for the previous week. We wanted to help them form habits with realtime check ins.

Our hypothesis was straightforward—if we made the iPhone experience simple and fast then people would use it more frequently. More importantly, if we reduced clutter and focused on ease of use, then users would begin to view their program as a useful tool to improve their well-being rather than a compliance activity required by their employer.

Scope + Role

I joined the project early in the design phase as a supporting product manager. In this role I worked very tactically, writing technical functional requirements and triaging bugs, while also managing communication to internal stakeholders.

As the project neared completion, I took over as the product lead, responsible for prioritizing work and coordinating the app rollout to internal and external stakeholders. Throughout the process I collaborated very closely with the UX research and design teams.

Outcome? 40% boost in week to week engagement!

Some additional info will be added to this case study soon, but many details are under NDA. If you have any questions about this project and my role, I’d love to chat more.

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